Friday, November 30, 2012

We have a.....

Yesterday Jackson was chomping on my finger and it hurt!!!!  I opened his mouth and guess what????

He has a tooth!!!

He has been teething for months, yesterday it finally showed up! Jackson  is 6 months and 20 days old.
He wasn't cranky or anything so I had NO idea! Today is a different story. I think it's hurting a little more, but taking it like a champ.

   You are growing up to fast. Please slow down.


Jennifer said...

That's a big 6 "week" old you have on your hands! :P

Awww... say goodbye to those gummy grins! :(

Congratulations Jackson!!

Amanda said...

What a little trooper! He has a bunch more all lined up there ready to pop, too!!! =D

A Letter to a Friend said...

my sweet little girl would fus in her sleep , but never cryed . When her five year teeth came in last year she did the same thing . Now she is wanting one to fall out so bad .


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